Antique Telkari Belt, Black Sea Coast, Turkey. ...

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This fabulous belt was probably made in the Mardin area of the Black Sea coast during the early part of the 20th century.
Size: 92cm (3') long x 14cm (5.5") wide.

Antique Turkmen Horse-Whip, Teke Tribes, Turkmenistan, Central ...

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Antique Turkmen horse-whips are rare and here we see a superb whip made by the Teke nomads circa 1880-1900.
The whip handle is silver with decorative reticulated silver bands. Each side of the bands also has applied fire-gilded decorations. It comes complete with attached original woven whip.
Size: 62cm (2') long.

Antique Horse-Whip, Turkmen Tribes, Turkmenistan, Central Asia. ...

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This rare and magnificent horse-whip was made by Turkmen nomads at the end of the 19th century. The handle is made with wood in the shape of a boot and decorated with a silver band around the top part. The leather whip is attached to the wooden handle by means of silver rivets and the complete whip is in excellent condition.
Size: 69cm (2' 3") long.

Old Beaded Baby Carrier, Dayak Tribe, Borneo, ...

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An early 20th century baby carrier made by the Dayak tribe of Borneo with full glass beaded panel and decorated with amulets - bone discs and teeth, brass bells and metal rings. It also has its original lining and wooden base as can be seen in the photos attached.
Size: 30cm x 48cm semi circumference.

Old Baby Carrier, Kalamantan, Indonesia.

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A rare baby carrier from Kalamantan in raffia technique incorporating a beaded figure in the centre with bone amulets and cowrie shells.
Size: 49cm high x 27cm dia. (1' 7" high x 11" dia).

Antique Tibetan Flint Pouch, Tibet.

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A charming little flint pouch with flint still inside, and made in Tibet during the 19th century.
Size: 9cm x 5cm (3" x 2").