Antique Chapan, Uzbek Tribes, Uzbekistan, Central Asia. ...

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A beautiful and unusual raw-silk Uzbek Chapan, made in Uzbekistan circa 1900.
The vertical stripes are in fabulous shades of ivory, pink, blue, yellow and green silk, backed in Russian cotton and in excellent condition.

Antique Swat Valley Pillow-Case, North-West Frontier Province, ...

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Embroidered in satin stitch using mostly red silk floss thread on a cotton background, the central field and border on one side incorpoates bold pre-Islamic symbolic design. On the other side, the same bold border but with a more elegant field design of tiny flowers and made in the Swat Valley in the North-West Frontier province circa 1930s.
Size: 86cm x 41cm (2' 10" x 1' 4").

Antique Uzbek Coat, Uzbek Tribes, Uzbekistan.

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Finely made in silk, this beautiful decorative coat would have been worn by Uzbeks in the 19th century. The photos show the front and back of the coat.

Antique Turkmen Purse, Chodor Tribe, Turkmenistan, Central ...

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This exquisitely emboidered tiny purse was made by Chodor Turkmen nomads around 1880-1890. As seen in the two photos, the embroidery is the same on both sides.
Size: 13cm x 9cm (5" x 3.5").

Antique Turkmen Purse, Tekke Turkmen, Turkmenistan, Central ...

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This tiny purse was made by Tekke Turkmen nomads around 1900 in extremely fine embroidery technique. As seen in the two photos, it is the same on both sides.
Size: 11cm x 8cm (4.25" x 3").

Antique Ceremonial Silk Band, Lakai Uzbek Tribe, ...

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This beautiful silk embroidered band was made by Lakai-Uzbeks for a possible ceremonial purpose and therefore must have been a highly-prized possession.
The weaver was highly skilled to produce such incredibly fine silk embroidery. The back of the band is covered in old Russian cloth. Possibly early 20th century.
Size: 3.05m x 10cm (10' 0" x 4")

Antique Chyrpy (Coat), Tekke Turkmen Tribes, Turkmenistan, ...

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This beautiful Chyrpy or decorative coat, was made by Tekke Turkmen nomads during the 19th century. The embroidery work is superb and demonstrates the magnificent work these nomadic women produced at that time and earlier.