Antique Feraghan Rug, Feraghan Region, North-West Persia. ...

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This beautiful, elegant rug was made in the Feraghan region of north-west Persia circa 1900.
It is very finely knotted with an overall design of small shrubs and a continuous 'cartouche' border - typically Feraghan. All natural dyes, the rug is in excellent pile overall.
Size: 1.96m x 1.30m (6' 5" x 4' 3").

Antique Malayer Rug, Village of Mishen, North-West ...

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The only word to describe this rug is ...... magnificent!
Made in the village of Mishen in the Malayer region of north-west Persia during the second half of the 19th century, the fineness of knotting and detail is just incredible.
Mishen was noted for probably the best and finest rugs made in this area in the 19th century and those rugs were generally referred to, not just as 'Malayer' but as 'Mishen Malayer'.
This rug is in very good overall condition with a tight low-cropped pile and the range of natural colours is superb.
Size: 1.90 x 1.37m (6' 3" x 4' 6").

Antique Persian 'Astronomical' Rug, Possibly Ardebil, North-West ...

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Wow! What an amazing rug! You might call it 'astronomical' but it is quite incredible!
Possibly made in the Ardebil area of north-west Persia or in Armenia close by circa 1900, it comprises a beautiful sky-blue mihrab depicting the Earth, Moon, Saturn, stars and zodiacal symbols. Note the little angel floating around the Earth - just beautiful. The condition is very good with evenly-low pile all over.
I have never seen anything else like this before but maybe a few will emerge from the woodwork after this, who knows!
Hang it on your wall and who needs a painting! And at a fraction of the cost!!
Size: 1.83 x 1.25m (6' 0" x 4' 1").

Antique Feraghan Rug, Feraghan, North-West Persia.

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Here I am stepping away from my tribal love to acquiring this beautiful floral rug from the environs of Feraghan in north-west Persia, and made circa 1880-1890.
In very good overall condition with a very fine weave, this elegant rug will grace any floor and be well-admired. The ivory border design is superbly drawn and frames the field in the most powerful way.
Size: 2.03m x 1.32m (6' 8" x 4' 4").

Antique Sarouq - Feraghan Rug, North-West Persia. ...

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The natural colours in this finely-knotted rug are just beautiful.
Made in the areas of Sarouq and Feraghan in north-west Persia around 1880, the madder-red field contains a beautifully-drawn tree - symbolically 'the tree-of-life' representing the three-level universe where the roots are in the underworld, the trunk is in the earthly world and the branches are in the world of the spirit. Two columns in pale green, rise up on either side of the tree to meet a mihrab with spandrels in stunning natural sky-blue.
In excellent condition although a very minor outer border is missing, this is a stunning and very collectible rug.
Size: 1.93 x 1.30m (6' 4" x 4' 3").

Antique Mazlaghan Rug, North-West Persia

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This rug from the Mazlaghan area of north-west Persia, made circa 1900, is visually stunning! Around the typical Mazlaghan serrated madder-red field are stylized roses or 'gol-e-feranghi' as is referred to by the Persians. The rug is in excellent condition and I love the sky-blue main border along with the other vegetable colours.
Size: 2.00m x 1.37m (6' 6" x 4' 6").

Antique Karaja Rug, Karaja, North-West Persia.

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This stunning village rug, made in Karaja, north-western Persia around 1900, was made with natural colours throughout. Particularly attractive is the bold, yet dominant, main border with its continuous vine pattern. The rug is in good overall condition with an evenly-low pile.
Size: 1.85m x 1.45m (6' 1" x 4' 9").

Antique Lilihan Rug, North-West Persia

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This lovely little rug from the area of Lilihan in north-west Persia was made around 1900. The overall condition is very good except for some loss of border at the top end only, although both ends require to be secured to stop future fraying. The colours are all natural which makes this rug a very decorative item in the home.
Size: 1.32m x 0.91m (4' 4" x 3' 0").

Antique Feraghan Mat, Feraghan, North-West Persia.

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It's unusual to find a rug with a beautiful, vegetable-dye green field. This charming little mat is quite stunning in its simplicity. Made in the Feraghan region of north-west Persia circa 1900, the mat is in very good overall condition.
Size: 91cm x 68cm (3' 0" x 2' 3").

Old Lilihan Rug, Lilihan, North-West Persia

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As a dealer in pre-1900 antique rugs and carpets, I just couldn't resist buying this charming little Lilihan rug. Made in the first half of the 20th century, I couldn't help falling for the beautiful natural colours and superb wool quality. Not only that, but the depiction of the 'herati' pattern or stylised fish swimming in a water garden, always appeals - where two fish represents happiness to these village people.
Size: 1.12m x 0.70m (3' 8" x 2' 3").