Antique Heriz Carpet, Heriz/Karaja Region, North-West Persia. ...

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An absolutely stunning decorative carpet, made during the last quarter of the nineteenth century in the Heriz/Karaja region of north-west Persia. The carpet features a large madder-red central lozenge on an ivory background and red spandrels in each corner. The carpet is generally in good overall condition with some areas of wear.
Size: 4.38m x 3.48m (14' 4" x 11' 5") approx.

Antique Feraghan Carpet, North-West Persia

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This is a fabulous north-west Persian Feraghan carpet from the second half 19th century in very good overall condition albeit with some minor areas of wear, expected in a carpet of this age. The main border is truly superb - certainly one of the best main borders I have seen on such a carpet! The indigo-blue field contains an overall 'herati' pattern i.e. stylised fish swimming in a water garden and all the colours are vegetable-dyed.
Size: 4.27m x 3.51m (14' 0" x 11' 6").

Antique Feraghan Carpet, Feraghan, North-West Persia.

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This stunning carpet was made in the Feraghan region of north-west Persia circa 1870-1880.
The indigo-blue field contains an overall design of stylised shrubs in beautiful natural colours. The main border is superb and powerfully-drawn with its cartouche motifs all the way round.
In very good overall condition.
Size: 4.40m x 2.80m (14' 6" x 9' 2").

Antique Agra Carpet, Agra, India.

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This beautiful Agra carpet has been in the possession of an old English family since the early 20th century and was acquired by the current owner's grandfather.
The carpet is in very good overall condition and dates to the last quarter of the 19th century.
Size: 5.00m x 3.70m (16' 0" x 12' 0").

Antique Tabriz Carpet, North-West Persia

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This magnificent and elegant Tabriz carpet is in overall very good condition - some minor areas of slight wear expected in a piece of this age - made circa 1900 in the city of Tabriz in north-west Iran, It has an overall design of palmettes on an indigo-blue field and surrounded by a handsome madder-red main border.
Size: 4m x 3m (13' x 10').

Antique Sarouq Carpet, Sarouq, North-West Persia.

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This outstanding carpet was made in Sarouq, north-west Persia circa 1880.
The vegetable colours are fabulous as is the fine weave and beautiful design. It is in good overall condition with even wear and medium to low pile, but plenty of life left for floor use.
Size: 3.66m x 2.74m (12' x 9')

Antique Joshagan Carpet, North-West Persia

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This beautiful old carpet was made in Joshagan in the early 20th century. The carpet is in mint condition with a wonderful array of lovely old colours on a field of terracotta and has an all-over design - much more desirable than the central-medallion types.
Size: 3.35m x 2.44m (11' 0" x 8' 0").

Antique Varamin Carpet, North West Persia

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This fabulous carpet was made in the Varamin region, possibly by Kizyl Bash tribes around 1870-1880. It is in excellent condition - measures 2.74m x 1.30m (9' 0" x 4' 3") - and has wonderful natural colours throughout.

Antique Ushak Carpet, South West Anatolia

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This beautiful 19th century, nearly square, Ushak carpet is in good overall condition with fabulous soft natural dyes.
Size: 3.60m x 3.13m (11' 10" x 10' 3")