Antique Shirvan Rug, Shirvan Region, Eastern Caucasus. ...

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I love the indigo-blue ground in this small, square nineteenth century Shirvan rug from the eastern Caucasus incorporating a stunning array of natural colours throughout.
Looking closely at the design, there are 'birds-heads lozenges, floral motifs and zoomorphic bird-like creatures. The main ivory border with its continuous vine symbolising the eternal cycle of life, is a popular border in this part of the eastern Caucasus.
The pile, which was originally cropped short to give a beautifully defined pattern to the symbols, is now evenly-low all over. This is a great, collectible rug.
Size: 1.68m x 1.39m (5' 6" x 4' 7").

Antique Karabagh Pictorial Rug, Karabagh, Southern Caucasus. ...

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Horses that look a little like moose!! But no moose in Karabagh where the rug was made circa 1900. Charming in every way, I love the rather squat adult horse and its two foals. At each end are two deer - dark and light - same with the foals - dark and light - dark being female and light, male. In very good overall condition, this is a very unusual and rare rug.
Size: 2.42m x 1.30m (7' 11" x 4' 3").

Antique Armenian Corridor Carpet, Armenia.

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Stunning sky-blue dominates the field of this handsome corridor carpet, made in Armenia around 1900. The overall knotted pile is evenly low, but still hard wearing enough to place on the floor in a hallway. A very attractive carpet.
Size: 3.15m x 1.24m (10' 4" x 4' 1").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Kazak Mountains, South-Western Caucasus.

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I particularly love the attractive sky-blue field with its stylised botehs depicted opposing each other and surrounded by 'S' symbols - dragon motifs for protection against evil spirits.
The prayer mihrab in undyed ivory wool, contains six quincunx (fives for protection) and a large double-headed sunbird lozenge in each panel. The main border of stylised trees is powerfully-drawn on a golden-yellow background.
Possibly made in the Kazak region of the south-western Caucasus during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the rug is in good overall condition albeit with evenly-low pile. A rug for hanging on the wall or used in a quiet location within the house.
Size: 1.27m x 0.87m (4' 2" x 2' 10").

Antique Gendje Rug, Gendje, South-Western Caucasus.

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Small rugs like this one from the Gendje area in the south-west Caucasus are unusual.
The striking diagonal bands of indigo-blue and golden yellow fill the central field disappearing under the borders and out into infinity. Thus the weaver has captured a small part of Paradise and protected it by surrounding it with stunning borders. The ivory border is particularly attractive and the rug is complete albeit some minor loss to the lower outer border. The wool is lustrous and in full pile all-over. A superb little rug made circa 1900.
Size: 1.53 x 1.16m (5' 0" x 3' 10").

Antique Karachov Rug, Kazak Mountains, South-West Caucasus. ...

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This magnificent, mint condition rug was made in Karachov in the Kazak Mountains, south-west Caucasus during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The classic Karachov design in this fabulous rug has been knotted in soft, lustrous natural-dye wool. It is certainly one of the best Karachovs I've laid my eyes on.
Size: 2.80m x 1.78m (9' 2" x 5' 10").

Antique Soumak, Kuba Region, South-Eastern Caucasus.

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Carpets woven in the soumak technique don't come much better than this one!
Acquired from a private English house where it had been hanging on a wall for over 60 years, the overall condition is excellent. Woven in the Kuba region of the south-eastern Caucasus during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, this is an unusually large size as most soumaks made in this area were a good bit smaller. You have to look closely at the overall symbolic representation and particularly interesting is the upper-most blue lozenge with its depiction of two men standing above what might presumably be horses! Note also, horses depicted in the outer field as well as other stylised creatures and birds scattered throughout.
This is an amazing and highly collectible carpet which would provide a fantastic floor covering.
Size: 3.60m x 2.26m (11' 10" x 7' 5").

Antique Perepidal Rug, Perepidal Region, Eastern Caucasus. ...

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This is a most unusual Perepidal rug with its two floral symbols in the central, glowing, indigo-blue field. Around the large flowers are very stylised birds which can be seen in the close-up photos. Other than this rare field design, the borders are typically from the region of Perepidal and the natural colours, including the fabulous sky-blue, are just magnificent.
This rug probably dates to the last quarter of the 19th century and is in excellent condition.
Size: 1.95m x 1.40m (6' 5" x 4' 7").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Gendje, South-Western Caucasus.

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Sold in the early 1990s and illustrated in all three editions of my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent', I have acquired it back. However, I have seen it again and again over the years, hanging in a house where it was well-loved.
Made in the area of Gendje in the south-western Caucasus around 1870, this charming little prayer-rug with its very subtlety woven prayer-niche, contains a field of diagonal bands with small symbols often found in the Caucasus and amongst the Shahsevan nomads. The main ivory border is powerfully drawn and frames the field. In very good overall condition, this is a highly collectible and rare example of this area.
Size: 1.32m x 0.91m (4' 4" x 3' 0").

Antique 'Sewan' Kazak, South-Western Caucasus

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This magnificent 'Sewan' Kazak has an archaic yet simplicity of design. Its powerful central cruciform is beautifully drawn and the fabulous main border with its zoomorphic 'birds' gives symbolic protection to the central field. A truly fabulous rug, earlier in age to many in private collections.
2.57m x 1.65m (8' 5" x 5' 5").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Borjalou Region, South-West Caucasus.

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This magnificent prayer-rug was made in Borjalou in the south-western Caucasus and dated 1905. Particularly attractive is the beautiful green field incorporating a variety of tribal symbols and in the very centre of the rug, the depiction of a little human. The main borders are typically 'Borjalou' as is the weave. The rug is in very good overall condition with a few very tiny re-weaves and an evenly-low pile.
Size: 1.53 x 1.13m (5' 0" x 3' 9").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Kuba, Eastern Caucasus.

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This delightful little prayer-rug was made in the Kuba region, eastern Caucasus, circa 1880-1900.
The madder-red field has a plethora of '8-pointed stars' - symbols of protection. The stars, in different natural colours, appear to disappear under the borders and out into infinity. The weaver has captured that small part of Paradise, built borders around it, to keep evil spirits from entering. The ivory main border with its symbols combination of '8-pointed stars' and 'quincunx' or 'fives', is extremely powerful and again, affording protection. The mihrab is highlighted in natural green and the rug is in very good condition, albeit the pile is evenly low all over.
I love it!
Size: 1.43 x 0.92m (4' 8" x 3' 0").