An Introduction to 'TRIBAL RUGS'

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The term 'Tribal Rugs' loosely refers to the carpets, rugs and trappings of the nomadic peoples of Anatolia (Turkey), the Caucasus, Persia (Iran), Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.
The very best and most collectable rugs and weavings date to before 1900 - those that were made from high quality hand-spun wool and vegetable dyes. However, there are some exceptional pieces that were made into the 1930's where certain tribes were unaffected by the introduction of chemical colours which appeared in the East from the late 19th century and happened to destroy the use of the age-old natural colours.
Today, exceptional tribal rugs are rare and hard to acquire from a dealer's point of view, and those private sources and collectors acquiring such pieces from a dealer, are generally, in many cases, getting a 'very good deal' in a market obsessed with the so-called 'vintage' look.
Since my days living with the Afshar and Qashqa'i nomads, back in the 1970s, I have been passionate about acquiring the very best quality 19th century and earlier rugs and weavings of the nomadic tribes, something I carry on with today and will continue to do so until I'm on my way to Paradise - if I'm to head in that direction!!
My website, I hope, displays those rare and exceptional carpets, rugs and weavings, all broken down into their tribal categories.
So please enjoy looking at those works of woven art and maybe you too, will find the incredible pleasure that they have given me over the years and still continue to do so.
Let your heart be your guide!
Brian MacDonald.