book 'scissor bags sheep scissors' by peter umneygray

Book 'Scissor Bags & Sheep Scissors' by Peter Umney-Gray


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Scissor Bags


This beautiful new publication, 'Scissor Bags & Sheep Scissors' by Peter Umney-Gray, arrived on my desk last week. For those interested not only in scissor bags but in the utilitarian weavings of the nomads of Transcaucasia, Persia and Central Asia, then this well-researched publication is a must.
Scissor bags, as the name implies, were used for the transportation of sheep shearing scissors, a container as important as the tool bag.
As Peter Umney-Gray states in his introduction, one of the challenges has been to obtain enough examples to present a reasonable reflection of the tradition. As utilitarian objects, scissor bags were made, used, discarded and replaced in a continuous cycle. They normally had a relatively short lifespan due to the nature of the scissors with their sharp points, which eventually destroyed their integrity. Therefore today, few of these beautifully-made nineteenth century items have survived and finding them, presents a huge challenge.
This book can be purchased direct from Peter at at 55.00 GBP plus postage or get in touch with me and I can point you in the right direction.
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